Milind Purswani

Milind Purswani

Milind Purswani


About Me.

Security Enthusiast

I like to make things, design them and integrate them in my daily life. When I see people developing innovative solutions to bring small subtle changes to their life, I get inspired.

I aspire to make internet a safer place for everyone. Since, technology is growing at a really fast pace, it is important to keep up with the latest trends in development. I have a firm grasp of fundamentals of different platforms and various technologies which allow me to progressively use them to develope and deploy new attack vectors. This is what makes me a successful developer and bug bounty hunter.

Personal Information

  • NameMilind Purswani
  • ResidenceVadodara, Gujarat
  • Emailgetme [at] milindpurswani [dot] com
  • H1 handle/milindpurswani

Areas of Expertise

Information Disclosure

This is one of my favourite areas to explore. Most of the breaches that have occured in the past have been about privacy breach. I make sure companies don't have any sensitive information leakage about their customers.

Cross Origin Resource Sharing

One of the most under-noted attack vectors is the CORS Vulnerability existing on sensitive actions. I have submitted a lot of reports highlighting CORS issue.

Android Penetration testing

Android is perhaps the most predominant operating system. Mobile Application developers tend to leave a lot of vulnerabilities within their applications. I refactor the code base to search for these hidden vulnerabilities.